Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Moving forward with desires and despair

As we move into the new year I wish all my readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I also thank you all for visiting my blog and giving valuable comments and suggestions throughout this year.
When we move into a new year, it seems nothing new is happening. May be this is the sign of my growing age which has seen 35 springs and therefore 'New Year' really do not appear new !!
Or may be the year went by was so chaotic that it condensed the enthusiasm of life.
If I recall some of the major headlines which remained in the news in 2008 from Pharma world then it would be :
  • Continuing of Heparin case investigations and afterfall.
  • Ranbaxy banned for Exporting 28 drug products from their 2 plants after FDA served Warning Letters.
  • Ranbaxy acquired by Daiichi Sankyo of Japan.
  • Melamine identified in Chinese dairy products.

I wish the coming year comes with lots of good news.

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