Thursday, January 15, 2009

What's the Quality Anyway ?

It was a usual discussion on the definition of 'Quality'. In fact for every Quality personnel or for those who steps in the domain of Quality, the definition of quality is the most intrigued one. During the days of my training in the Quality Assurance, the first chapter or rather the first thing I was introduced to was the definition of 'Quality'. 

Masters of Quality have spent their lives in giving the most correct, precise and most acceptable definition of 'Quality'. It, in fact have made our life easier as now we have so many thoughts, ideas or definitions of the word called 'Quality'. From 'high degree of excellence' to 'customers delight' everything which describes the characters tics of product / services, conformance to the requirements and acceptability by the end user are covered under these definitions.

These all definitions certainly covers the business interpretation of the word 'quality'. These definitions addresses quality from  - process, product, customer or the conformance  point of view.

Even the standard definition of TQM (total quality management) focus on the strategies for complete (total) involvement of 'quality' in to the business process. However, the word quality remains as such.

The word Quality in its philosophical approach is still bigger then any of the above definition. Away from the business processes and technical jargon's, in my point of view 'quality' is happiness !!

Any act, product or services which gives immense happiness to a customer is certainly emerges out of quality. While the customers can be  - the one who pays, the one who gets, the one who sees, the one who judges, the one who evaluates or the one of experiences.

Afterall, it is the happiness for which each one of us strieves for !

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