Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mesuring conductivity of purified water

While there is a conductivity meter already installed at the purified water generation system, the absence of on-line conductivity meter prior to the entry point of return loop (to purified water storage tank ) is somewhat not acceptable.
No matter how technically good the purified water generation system is designed with SS 316 water distribution loop with electro polished pipelines (>20 mm diameter), sanitary joints, adequate slope with no ‘dead legs’, but a NO check to conductivity at return loop may jeopardize the overall water system.
Conductivity increases with increase in ions - CO2, pH or an increase in bio-load which is an indication of deteriorating quality of purified water duirng its journey in the loop. This must be checked at all the levels and re-confirmed by testing conductivity at return loop. Therefore, the position of conductivity meter at return loop is most justified.

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