Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is Quality an Idea ?

From an old post in Plaxo;

Ideas never die. Ideas live forever. Once the germ of an idea is remains. So is quality also an idea ? Is quality a thought ? or attitude ? or pursuit for excellence ? whatever it is, but why it is what it is. The philosophical debate on quality will continue. It will give many answers which may or may not fit best to the question that what quality is!

I remember entering the room of a Manager of one pharma company which was tidy, neat and well maintained. The placement of pens and pencils in the pen holder, colours, sketch pens, books, charts and chair - in fact everything was wonderful. Or did I only think that was wonderful ? My attitude or his attitude ?

Alfred Nobel, so distress from his invention of dynamite, raised his wealth for an award - Nobel prize. He thought rather unusual - a quality thought? Does thoughts also have quality ?

But had he never had so much of wealth to offer, what Alfred would have done?? No money - no award. The quality of Life...

You never know - quality is multidimensional, multifaceted, omnipresent and mysteriously hidden in the seed of human thoughts - human thought which have the courage to raise this civilization! Is it?

Is quality an Idea ?

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