Saturday, April 5, 2008

Column Equivalency Tool at USP

Vishwanath in the Pharmaceutical Discussion Forum, informs the new wonder from USP. The USP has recently launched a Column Equivalency tool on it's web-site - This is an interactive aid that assists user in finding a ‘Possible Alternative Column' to the Column used in development & Validation of a certain Chromatographic Procedure.
The USP procedure uses the parity among the parameters like CTF (Chelating Tailing Factor); CFA (Capacity Factor Amitryptiline); TFA (Tailing Factor Amitryptiline) & BD (Bonding Density) to arrive at the possible alternatives;
PQRI uses the comparison of Column hydrophobicity (H); Column Steric Interaction (S); Column Hydrogen-bond Acidity (A); Column Hydrogen-Bond Basicity (B) & Column Ion-Exchange Capacity (C) as the basis for calculating equivalence
The USP Column listing is essentially the compendial columns (listed in USP-NF) - whereas the PQRI listing is bigger & not specific to compendial columns..
To accessed the toold, click here (both USP & PQRI column listings)

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