Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quality is free -

I have never thought that a simple phrase spoken in a get together by my boss would have such a deep impact in my mind - "Quality is free"! Whenever, the corporates thinks for the implementation of quality initiatives, the only purpose is its strategic importance for encashing its value - in terms of credentials, reputation and also improvement in goods. However, what most corporates worries is the Cost of Quality - the phrase - 'Quality is free' is tremendous.
But is quality really free ?? If so then what it the Cost of Quality ? 
Well, I will say - it is free !!
A company needs technology for improvement in design, more better technology for mass production, cut cost, cut margins and it needs marketing efforts to proliferate its reach
Nevertheless, what is freely available in the efforts of perfection - are the innovative thoughts of systematic approach and logical methodologies

This is quality and it is free!!

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