Saturday, March 15, 2008

FDA Proposes its Office in China

In what may be seen as a setback to India and the progress of its pharmaceutical industry as such, the US State department has announced to set up a full time permanent US FDA office in China. The opening of this office is although pending from the approval to be obtained from government of China.
In earlier news last year, the FDA was planning to open their office in one of the city in India preferably at Hyderabad. However, what conspired in the galleries is not known.
This is despite of the fact, that recent Baxter’s Heparin case where four people died was originally manufactured in China.
As more and more Indian companies are inching towards generic drugs multinationals, the FDA is tightening its noose over these companies while relaxing its standards towards Chinese drug manufacturers where from sources known that getting a GMP certificate takes only 7 days!!!
It is not known that whether it is economic pressures, technological issues or the diplomatic appeasement.

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