Monday, September 15, 2008

National Seminar on “Road Map to the Indian Drug Industry”, 15th – 16th September, 2008

The seminar was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Dr Y Rajasekhar Reddy by liting lamp along with Dr. K Anji Reddy, Chairman Dr Reddy's Laboratories Limited. Dr. K. Anji Reddy was felicitated by Chief Minister by presenting a shawl as a souvenir.
Speakers in the seminar from different disciplines of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals industry shared their experiences, thoughts and contemporary trends in the fields of drug discovery, IPR, International developments, Manufacturing, GMPs, SHE, IT and Automation.
The most inspiring speech was made by Dr K Anji Reddy in which he informed the audience of his experience, efforts and strategies of tilting the export balance of APIs in India’s favor. In his witty style, he narrated how Dr Reddy’s Labs thought of the IPR regime well in advance and prepared for the drug discovery research.
On the second day of seminar, CEO of Dr Reddy’s, Mr. GV Prasad highlighted the importance of sustainability. At the backdrop of world wide financial & business fluctuation, rise and fall of oil prices and capability of Chinese manufacturers, Mr. GV Prasad explained the audience for the available alternatives. Amidst the challenges to the Indian Pharma companies, he shared his innovative idea of ‘seeing quality from different angle’ and therefore, as an effort for this, how Dr Reddy’s is being benefited by a Japanese consultant who is from an engineering industry background. Mr. GV Prasad also informed about the efforts being made by Dr Reddy’s on Strategic Partners side wherein the company is working for the development of their vendors as a win-win model.
The other eminent speakers include APSIDC MD, MR BP Acharya (IAS), Mr. Sam Bob (IAS), Principal Secretary; Ministry of Commerce who explained the general industrial policy of the state and in particular to SEZs which are being developed.
While, Dr. Lalji Singh from CCMB described the challenges and opportunities available through stem cell research, Dr. Venkatswaralu (former Drug Controller General) emphasized on meeting GMP requirements. Dr. Venkatswaralu highlighted the importance of Human Resource vis-à-vis continuous training and development. He underlines the concerns on ambiguities and inadequacies in GMP documents. He asked the forum that how many companies are auditing Chinese manufacturers and suppliers. He wondered that should we also wait for a Heparin type incident to initiate that.
The other important speakers were Dr. Sengupta (Member Secretary, CPCB and Planning Commission), Mr. Kjell Olsen from GTZ, Mr. S. Mani (VP-SHE, Orchid), and Mr. P Shamugama Sundram from TUV and Rajiv Sodhi from Microsoft.
The seminar presented a vista of information. On one side government policies on infrastructural development and support were conveyed, on the other side the challenges of the next decade were discussed. Mr. P Shamugama Sundram from TUV deliberated the latest requirement of REACH certification as per the new European directive 1907/2006. He further explained the difference between MSDS and CSR requirements for chemical industries.

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