Thursday, October 9, 2008

China and its Quality Control

It seems that the quality related issues from China will never end. In fact even when the storm of Heparin was about to settle down, other serious complaints from Chinese made infants milk and other milk related cases started appearing at the global horizon.
As the countries were still in the process of enforcing a ban to import Chinese milk products, another news came that three people died after using the drugs made from Siberian ginseng. There are cases of contraindications when six people from south - western Yuan province administered these injections.
In the early 90's when India started its first generation reforms, the government choose Quality as its element of expanding exports. As a result, many Indian companies initiated the process of obtaining accreditation to ISO Management systems. However, for opening up of world economy, China choose to increase its manufacturing capabilities to reduce cost and capture world market.
It seems in the process of increasing production and focusing only on to the Manufacturing capabilities, the Chinese industry masters left quality and standards way behind.
The result are evident from these incidences - toys made by using hazardous chemical colours and deaths due to sub standard drug products.


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